Influence behavior and empower travelers.

We’re a simple add-on to business travel programs that provides the tools to influence traveler behavior.

What if your travelers were more informed?

We empower travelers with everything they need to make the best booking decisions. We present insights on their trip and their destination, so that they are more informed on what to expect and better equipped for a successful trip.

What if you could impact traveler behavior?

We enable companies to provide travelers with the guidance and motivators that influence traveler behavior. With Tripkicks, you can align the priorities of your company to the decisions of your travelers.

We align traveler behavior to your company's priorities by using

Insights, Guidance, and Motivators

Empower Travelers

Empower travelers with the information they need to make the best decisions.

Tripkicks Insights provide travelers with all the important information they need to be better prepared, before they book their trip.

Lead Travelers

Guide travelers to make the best decisions by providing enhanced supplier attributes.

Tripkicks Guidance leads travelers to the best options by highlighting key suppliers that align with program compliance and personal preferences.

Inspire Travelers

Motivate travelers to make specific decisions or change existing behaviors.

Tripkicks Motivators inspire travelers to do things differently by influencing their decisions with spend targets and incentives.

Industry Recognition

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